Bernadett Svajda M.D.
Dermatologist, cosmetologist, child dermatologist, venerologist, skin surgeon specialist. 

Health & Beauty center (Private praxis):
11. Matyas Kiraly boulevard, Szekesfehervar, H-8000 

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Surgery hours - Opening hours: 

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Monday: Székesfehérvár: 10.00 - 18.30 
- Székesfehérvár: by telephone appointment 
- Budapest: 09.00 -
(Address: 12. Kaptarko street, Budapest, H-1118)
Wednesday: Székesfehérvár: 10.00 - 16.00
Thursday: Székesfehérvár: 10.00 - 19.00 

Cupping- service is available in all opening hours!


Medical and beauty attendances:
General and pediatric dermatology, cosmetic disease diagnosis and treatment
- Infant and child skin problems 
- Mole, skin cancer screening, removal of benign skin tumors 
- Diamond Head Microdermabrasion (scars, stretch marks, acne, pigmentation treatment) 
- BOTOX TREATMENT against wrinkles, and excessive armpit sweating 
- Wrinkle filling with natural material 
- Skin Rejuvenation - deep-peeling (disappearance of wrinkles, pigmentation, acnes and scars) 
- Proper removal of ticks immediately 
- Straining and informing about Diseases caused by ticks 
- Disease acne, acne treatment 
- Eczema 
- Lab screening for all sexually transmitted diseases, (Chlamydia, HPV,...)- maximum discretion 
- Professional, medical treatment for ingrown nail 
- Rosacea (adult problem skin, redness) 
- Seborrheic dermatitis 
- Hives 
- Allergic Skin Diseases 
- Infectious skin diseases (fungal, viral, bacterial) 
- Viral warts (freezing or laser) removal 
- Leg Ulcer Treatment 
- Psoriasis 
- Skin surgery 
- Cryosurgery (freezing removal of warts, verruca seborrhoics) 
- Fibromas, skin tags removal 
- UV Comb treatment (scalp psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis treatment) 
- Molecular diagnosis of inherited genetic abnormalities (thrombosis panel, male infertility panel, hemochromatosis panel, an inherited breast and ovarian cancer panel) 
- EPICUTAN - allergy test to detect contact allergy. 
- Prick test - to detect food allergies and respiratory 
- Mesotherapy - Facial Rejuvenation, pigmentation, stretch marks (striae), cellulite, stubborn fat, hair loss treatment 
- Teen cosmetology 
- Sclerotherapy - varicose vein treatment 
- Removing genital warts (condyloma), fast, effective, virtually pain-free solution, even during pregnancy! 
Unique technical features! 
- Computer mole screening (videodermatoscopy) 
- DNA testing (paternity test, proof of kinship, DNA profile) 
- Permanent Hair Removal 
- IPL's skin treatments - Facial Rejuvenation, vein, pigmentation, acne treatment 
- Dental allergy testing 
- New method of wrinkles, stretch marks and to remove minor blemishes: Dermaroller! Major new feature - Laser dermaroller 
- Ultrasonic fat breakdown - Slimming 
- Respiratory and food allergy testing, food intolerance blood tests 
- LABORATORY TESTS are available at reasonable prices, reliable and quick results. Blood samples without standing in line, no wait, routine blood tests and allergy tests 
- Lactose (milk sugar) sensitivity analysis 
- Dracula therapy - skin rejuvenation by using the component of own blood, growth factors and proteins 
- HairGS1 - pharmacogenomic examination, genetic examination for the masculine type of hair loss 

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Prices of examinations and treatments